IDRchitecture. It's 8 people (4 singers, 4 musicians) living in SE England. Specifically? Well, many songs are set in Reading - a town on the brink of annexation with The Metropolis we call London.

Yes, Reading will appear on Harry Beck's iconic Tube map for the first time in HISTORY.
The tension this has created is palpable. The place is being ripped apart at the seams and it seems...? Worth stickin' around for, frankly. Someone's gotta do it.
So, we've written in and recorded some of this tension.

It's Human Beings VS. Concrete but this time it's personal.
It's Mankind VS Technology. We've all been there before but we didn't know what to do.
Until now.

2019 is the aforementioned now, and IDR have just released two songs. First up alphabetically is RAKE IT ALL IN; a dystopian, disco-house EPIC, which, at 7 or so minutes, is longer than BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. And if you think about it, most successful pop songs have been around this length.

Five letters down the alphabet and we've got the WEAPONISATION OF SPACE; a song about as little as possible, set in a stationery cupboard at the Royal Berks Hospital. Call it Retro-Futurist Drab Pop; call it Radio Frequency Dream Pop if you must; call it what you will.

Welcome to our DANK FUTURE.